Jatak Floor Truss Wood Element

Unik ref.: jatak-floortruss-woodelement
Merke: Jatak
Produktfamilie: Construction
Produktgruppe: Slab
Vidde / Bredde (millimeter): 2400
Høyde (millimeter): 350
Dato for publisering: 2019-06-20
Versjon nummer / utgave nummer: 1
Skriv: Objekt (enkelt objekt)

If you want to build in a way that is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, choose the Jatak® Hulldekke (wooden hollow block floor lattice truss system). The lattice girders formed together as the Jatak® Hulldekke offer a flexible and future-oriented floor slab. The Jatak® Hulldekke can cover large spans of up to 8.0 m at a height of 500 mm. This means the architect has plenty of space to use to provide high quality solutions.

  • Suitable for spans of up to 8 metres
  • More space for architects
  • Integration of larger installations into floor

At the same time, the open design solution provides space for integration of necessary installations such as water/drainge, ventilation, electrical systems, etc. This means that the need for suspended ceilings is reduced, enhancing the floor-to-ceiling height of each storey. Floor systems using the Jatak® Hulldekke are light weight, which can help to reduce foundation costs. Complete ceiling sections with lattice girders that are 2.4 metres wide are supplied ready-made and hoisted onto the building. Several different surveys have shown that this is one of the fastest systems out there when it comes to speed of installation. While it is recommended that insulation is blown in, insulation panels can also be used. The structure is also able to achieve a fire resistance of REI-60 and sound classification B.


  • Residential housing
  • Garages
  • Low-level blocks of up to 5 storeys
  • Roof structures
  • Industrial buildings
  • Agricultural buildings

Standard element from 350mm – 600mm dependent on span width.

Design loads:
Selfweight/permanent load 0,7 kN/m2
Live load 3,0kN/m2. Loads can be adjusted to project.

Internal spacing (trusses):

Top construction:
Truss construction:
98x48mm (w x h) timber with nail plate joints

Please see the product URL for information regarding fire resistance and sound classification. 

Hoved materialet : Timber
Sekundært materiale:
Designet i: Norway
Produsert i: Norway

BIMobject Kategori: Construction - Decks, Slabs & Floors
IFC klassifisering: Floor
UNSPSC navn: Wood trusses
UNSPSC kode: 30103606
Kode: JB1
Beskrivelse: Prefabricated buildings/structures/units
Kode: SS-20-12-85-90
Beskrivelse: Timber Floor, Roof Or Balcony Deck Systems
Uniclass 2015 Kode: EF_30_20
Uniclass 2015 Beskrivelse: Floors
Kode: 20-12-85-90
Beskrivelse: Timber Floor, Roof Or Balcony Deck Systems
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 06 15 13
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Wood Floor Decking
OmniClass-nummer: 23-13 35 23 11 15
OmniClass-tittel: Wood Structural Floor Decks
CSI UniFormat II Code: B1010
CSI UniFormat II Title: Floor Construction
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  • Norway

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Construction - Decks, Slabs & Floors

Navn Verdi
Acoustic Rating C ; B
Application Slab ; Roof
Length 2000 mm — 9100 mm
Material Timber
Plate Material Steel
Thickness 350 mm — 600 mm
Width 2400 mm




This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

Navn Verdi
Length 2000 mm — 9100 mm


This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

Navn Verdi
Material Timber
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